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Dharma Talks (mp3)

date type title speaker
2019-07-20 SAT Guilt other (student)
2019-07-13 SAT Evolution of my World View Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2019-06-29 SAT Right Speech Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2019-06-22 SAT What it Means to be a Student Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2019-06-15 SAT Keep Cultivating Awareness of the Heart other (student)
2019-06-15 SAT Keep Cultivating Awareness of the heart other (student)
2019-06-01 SAT Obituary other (student)
2019-05-25 SAT The True Self that Holds it all Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2019-05-18 SAT Levels of Understanding Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2019-05-11 SAT The Continuum of Practice other (guest)
2019-04-20 SAT Appreciate-Squander this Precious Life Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2019-04-13 SAT Gratitude for Every Day Wonders Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2019-04-12 SAT Saying Yes to Life Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2019-04-06 SAT Loving Kindness Practice Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2019-03-30 SAT Kindness Off the Cushion other (student)
2019-03-23 SAT Attachment & Connectedness Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2019-03-16 SAT Working with Depression Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2019-03-09 SAT Obituary other (student)
2019-02-23 SAT Practicing with Discomfort Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2019-02-17 SES Anger Sexuality Hara Practice Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2019-02-09 SAT Body Awareness other (student)
2019-01-26 SES The natural order of things Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2019-01-12 SAT Forego, Face and Feel Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2019-01-05 SAT The Difficulties of Practice Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2018-12-27 SES Cultivating Connectedness Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2018-12-27 SES Tragic Flaws Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2018-12-22 SAT Humprey Bogart Revisited Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2018-12-15 SAT Student Panel Renae other (student)
2018-12-08 SAT These are the Good Old Days Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2018-12-01 SAT Practicing With the Holidays Kate Watson (student)
2018-12-01 SAT Practicing with Hollidays other (student)
2018-11-17 SAT Situations, Reactions, Practice & Serving Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2018-11-17 SAT Situations Reactions Practice and Serving Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2018-11-03 SAT Politics & Practice Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2018-10-28 SAT Meaning & Presence Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2018-10-27 SAT Engagement other (student)
2018-10-20 SAT Student Panel (not public) Paul Ross and Jennifer Fritz (student)
2018-10-20 SAT Student Panel other (student)
2018-10-18 SAT Aging for Beginners Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2018-10-18 SES Aging for Beginners Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2018-10-07 SES Meaning & Presence, Part 2 Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2018-10-06 SES Meaning & Presence, Part 1 Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2018-10-06 SAT Meaning & Presence Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2018-09-29 SAT Forego, Face, and Feel Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2018-09-29 SAT Forego, Face & Feel Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2018-09-22 SAT Working With Depression Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2018-09-22 SAT Workshop: Meditative Movement – Living in the Body Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2018-09-22 SAT Working with Depression Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2018-09-18 SAT Student Panel (not public) Robin Ray and Chris Pheil (student)
2018-09-15 SAT Practice Period Elizabeth Hamilton, Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2018-09-15 SAT Practice Period Elizabeth Hamilton, Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2018-09-08 SAT Student Panel other (student)
2018-09-01 SAT Practicing With Helplessness Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2018-09-01 SAT Practicing with Helplessness Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2018-08-25 SAT Still Crazy After All These Years Punit Auerbacher (student)
2018-08-25 SAT Crazy after all these Years other (student)
2018-08-18 SAT Practical Aspects of Meditation Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2018-08-09 SES Practicing With Fear and Anxiety Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2018-08-09 SES Practicing with Fear and Anxiety Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2018-08-08 SES BBSTSBB Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2018-08-08 SES BBSTSBB Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2018-08-04 SAT Loneliness Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2018-08-04 SAT Loneliness Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2018-07-28 SAT Practicing With Anger Ed Harpin (student)
2018-07-28 SAT What we Don´t Know about Others & Ourselves Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2018-07-21 SAT What We Dont Know About Others and Ourselves Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2018-07-18 SAT Practicing with Anger other (student)
2018-07-14 SAT On Death and Dying Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2018-07-14 SAT On Death & Dying Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2018-06-30 SAT Student Panel (not public) Steve Huemmer and Joyce Lane (student)
2018-06-30 SAT Student Panel other (student)
2018-06-23 SAT Kindness, Sorrow, and the Backstory of Naomi Shihab Nye's Poem Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2018-06-23 SAT Kindness, Sorrow and the Backstory of Naomi Shihab Nyes Poem Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2018-06-16 SAT Grief Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2018-06-16 SAT Grief Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2018-06-16 SAT Grief Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2018-06-16 SAT Grief Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2018-06-16 SAT Persona Parade other (student)
2018-06-02 SAT Persona Parade Bob Posert (student)
2018-05-26 SAT Existential Crossroads Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2018-05-19 SAT Reflections from Paris Elizabeth Hamilton, Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2018-05-12 SAT A Good Life Chuck Sweet (student)
2018-05-05 SAT Questions & Answers Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2018-04-28 SAT Remorse, Gratitude, and Naikan Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2018-04-21 SAT Say Yes to Life Diane Moore (teacher)
2018-04-14 SAT Aging Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2018-04-05 SES Dual Awareness: Two Checkpoints, One Reality Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2018-04-04 SES Saying Yes Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2018-03-31 SAT Faces of Fear Kate Watson (student)
2018-03-24 SAT Transcending Head Brain Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2018-03-17 SAT Beginner's Mind Revisited Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2018-03-10 SAT Student Panel (not public) June Cressy & Michael Sohmer (student)
2018-02-24 SAT Intro to Aging for Beginners Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2018-02-17 SES What Is This Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2018-02-03 SES The TV Set of the Self Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2018-01-27 SAT Beginner's Mind Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2018-01-20 SAT Student Panel (not public) Fred Conway & Jodi Reed (student)
2018-01-13 SAT Main Point of Zen Practice Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2018-01-06 SAT Fundamentals Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2017-12-23 SAT Q&A Elizabeth Hamilton, Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2017-12-09 SAT Eternal Recurrence #3 Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2017-12-02 SAT The Wanting and Other Acts of Divinity Chuck Sweet (student)
2017-11-25 SAT Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction, part 1 Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2017-11-18 SAT Mind Mapping Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2017-11-11 SAT Like Dreams, Illusions, Mirages: Why Grasp at Them? Kate Watson (student)
2017-11-04 SAT Civility, Communication, and Connectedness Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2017-10-28 SAT Survey on Aging Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2017-10-08 SES Seeing Through the Self Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2017-10-07 SES Cultivating Connectedness, Part 2 Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2017-09-30 SES Gratitude Revisited Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2017-09-23 SAT Empathy, Remorse, and Gratitude Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2017-09-16 SAT Practice Period Elizabeth Hamilton, Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2017-09-02 SAT Self Observation Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2017-08-26 SAT Meditation, Mindfulness, and Motivation Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2017-08-19 SAT Serious Practice Ed Harpin (student)
2017-08-10 SES Potato Salad Revisited Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2017-08-09 SES The Purpose & the Path Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2017-08-05 SAT Self Observation Questions Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2017-07-29 SAT Working with Expectations Al Zolynas (teacher)
2017-07-15 SAT We Are the World Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2017-07-08 SAT Three Levels of Me Stuff Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2017-06-24 SAT Dependence, Independence, & Interdependence Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2017-06-17 SAT Practice Influences Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2017-06-03 SAT All That Our Life is About Chuck Sweet (student)
2017-05-27 SAT Paris and People: Illuminating the Underground Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2017-05-13 SAT Changes Kate Watson (student)
2017-05-06 SAT Practicing During Travel Al Zolynas (teacher)
2017-04-29 SAT Questions and Answers Elizabeth Hamilton, Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2017-04-22 SAT Naikan Greg Krech (guest)
2017-04-13 SES Good Food for Body, Heart, Mind, and Spirit Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2017-04-13 SAT Good Food for the Soul Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2017-04-12 SES No One Special To Be Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2017-04-01 SAT Qualities of Awakening and Life Centeredness Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2017-03-25 SAT From Identifying with Roles to Freely Functioning Al Zolynas (teacher)
2017-03-18 SAT Practicing with Death, part 2 Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2017-03-11 SAT The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2017-03-04 SAT Blind Spots, Clues, The Present Moment, & Dailiy Life Kate Watson (student)
2017-02-19 SES Forms: Forks and Feast Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2017-02-18 SES The Value of Forms Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2017-02-11 SAT Cultivating Compassion for Ourself and Others Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2017-02-04 SAT Practicing with Death Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2017-01-28 SAT Perfection Ed Harpin (student)
2017-01-14 SAT Inauguration and Our Aspiration to Practice Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2017-01-07 SAT Cheerful Perserverance Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2016-12-28 SES Cultivating Gratitude Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2016-12-27 SES Two Checkpoints, One Reality Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2016-12-10 SAT Cultivating the Experience of Connectedness Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2016-12-03 SAT How Can I Help? Situation, Reaction, and Action Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2016-11-26 SAT Water Up, Fire Down Chuck Sweet (student)
2016-11-19 SAT Getting to Practice with Fear Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2016-11-12 SAT Waking Up Amid Adversity Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2016-11-05 SAT Mission Possible Al Zolynas (teacher)
2016-10-29 SAT Expectation vs Aspiration Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2016-10-09 SES Hara: Background and Applications Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2016-10-08 SES Hara Practice Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2016-09-24 SAT Practicing With Politics Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2016-09-17 SAT Practice Period Elizabeth Hamilton, Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2016-09-17 SAT Workshop: Softening Into Adversity Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2016-09-10 SAT Student Panel: When Things Get Difficult (not public) Robin Ray & Paul Ross (student)
2016-08-27 SAT Aging, Decline, and Death Ed Harpin (student)
2016-08-20 SAT Love and Relationships Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2016-08-12 SES And Also Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2016-08-11 SES Opening Into Curiosity Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2016-08-06 SAT Normality is Eggshell Thin Kate Watson (student)
2016-07-30 SAT Compassionate Communication and Challenging Conversations Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2016-07-23 SAT Stillness Al Zolynas (teacher)
2016-07-23 SAT Stillness Al Zolynas (teacher)
2016-07-16 SAT Basics of Practice Worksheet Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2016-07-09 SAT What is Right? Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2016-06-25 SAT Forms and Expectations Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2016-06-18 SAT Student Panel: When Things Get Difficult (not public) Chris Pheil and Jodi Reed (student)
2016-06-04 SAT Q & A Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2016-05-21 SAT Doing in the Service of Being Chuck Sweet (student)
2016-05-14 SAT Breath Relaxation Meditation Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2016-05-07 SAT No One Special to Be Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2016-04-31 SAT Student Panel: When Things Get Difficult (not public) Jennifer Fritz and Punit Auerbacher (student)
2016-04-16 SAT Practicing with Pain Revisited Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2016-04-09 SAT Self Compassion Ed Harpin (student)
2016-04-02 SAT Self-indulgence and the Path to Awakening Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2016-03-24 SES Gratitude,Remorse, and a Glad Spirit Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2016-03-23 SES Being Present Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2016-02-14 SES Inspiration and a Glad Spirit (not public) Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2016-02-13 SES What Is This? Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2016-01-23 SAT The Meaning of Life Revisited Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2015-12-28 SES Befriending our Inner Porcupines Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2015-12-27 SES Beginner's Mind Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2015-12-19 SAT Stages of Growing Up and Waking Up Al Zolynas (teacher)
2015-12-12 SAT Climate Change Inside Out Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2015-12-05 SES Revisiting Loving Kindness Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2015-11-28 SAT The Road Less Travelled Kate Watson (student)
2015-11-21 SAT Thankfulness Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2015-11-14 SAT Self Indulgence Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2015-11-07 SAT Walking Landmines Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2015-10-31 SAT Student Panel: Self Judgement (not public) Punit Auerbacher & Jodi Reed (student)
2015-10-24 SAT Practicing with Approval Seeking Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2015-10-11 SES Enlightening Illusions that Cloud Connectedness Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2015-10-10 SES Cultivating the Experience of Connectedness Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2015-10-03 SAT Naikan and Existential Remorse (not public) Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2015-09-26 SAT Essentials of Relationships Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2015-09-05 SAT The Prayer Ends in Silence Chuck Sweet (student)
2015-08-29 SAT The Meaning of Life Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2015-08-22 SAT Practice Q&A with Ezra and Elizabeth, moderated by Kate Watson Elizabeth Hamilton, Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2015-08-15 SAT The Engineer and the Poet Ed Harpin (student)
2015-08-06 SES The Inclusive Self Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2015-08-05 SES Precision in Practice Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2015-08-01 SAT The Witness, the Non-dual, and the Heart Al Zolynas (teacher)
2015-07-18 SAT Practicing With Anger Revisited Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2015-07-01 SAT Student Panel: Self Judgement (not public) Jennifer Fritz and Paul Ross (student)
2015-06-27 SAT Humility, Humiliation, and Wholeness Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2015-06-20 SAT Gratitude Practice Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2015-06-13 SES Loving Kindness For Self and Others In Adversity Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2015-06-12 SES Loving Kindness For Self and Others Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2015-06-12 SES Loving Kindness For Self and Others:Q&A Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2015-06-06 SAT Student Panel: Self Judgement (not public) Chris Pheil and Joyce Lane (student)
2015-05-30 SAT Practice Inventory Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2015-05-30 SAT Practice Inventory, part 2 Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2015-05-23 SAT Reflections on Paris Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2015-05-16 SAT Practicing with Habits Al Zolynas (teacher)
2015-05-09 SAT What is Enough? Kate Watson (student)
2015-05-02 SAT Student Panel: Self Judgement (not public) June Cressy, Kevin Berg (student)
2015-04-25 SAT Benevolence, Malevolence, Vows and Hows Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2015-04-18 SAT Student-Teacher Relationship Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2015-04-11 SAT This That is Awake Chuck Sweet (student)
2015-04-01 SAT Universal Suffering, Universal Compassion Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2015-03-31 SES The Misguided Quest Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2015-03-28 SAT Stop, Look, Listen (not public) Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2015-03-21 SAT Practicing with Anger Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2015-03-14 SAT Tidying Up and Practice Al Zolynas (teacher)
2015-03-07 SAT What's Zen Got To Do With It? Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2015-02-28 SAT Focusing Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2015-02-21 SAT Student Panel: Self Judgement (not public) Fred Conway and Robin Ray (student)
2015-02-15 SES Surrendering Into Groundlessness Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2015-02-14 SES Simple Gifts and Everyday Wonders Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2015-02-07 SAT Core Pain and Empathic Communion Guided Meditation Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2015-02-07 SAT Core Pain and Empathic Communion Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2015-01-31 SAT Practicing With Relationships and Relationship Difficulties Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2015-01-24 SAT Being Repulsive Is Not Enough other (Ed Harpin)
2015-01-17 SAT Renewal, New Year, Priorities Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2015-01-10 SAT How To Face Our Fears Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2014-12-28 SES Forgiveness Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2014-12-28 SES Forgiveness Guided Meditation Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2014-12-27 SES Appreciating Our Life Before It's Too Late Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2014-12-2 SES Seasonal Stress Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2014-12-13 SAT Two Basic Questions Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2014-12-06 SAT Waking up, Growing Up, Showing up Al Zolynas (teacher)
2014-11-29 SAT Thich Nhat Hanh and Thankfulness Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2014-11-22 SAT Intention and Attention Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2014-11-15 SAT On Gratitude Student (Kate Watson)
2014-11-08 SAT Principled Living and Kindness Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2014-11-01 SAT The New Freeway of Practice Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2014-10-25 SAT Falling Into Grace: Arguing with What Is Chuck Sweet (student)
2014-10-12 SES Living Authentically Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2014-10-11 SES What Do We Really Know Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2014-09-27 SAT Full Spectrum of Practice Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2014-09-20 SAT Practice Period Elizabeth Hamilton and Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2014-08-30 SAT Spiritually Transmitted Diseases Part 1 Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2014-08-16 SAT Gaps and our Unconditioned Nature Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2014-08-07 SES Primordial Nature/Healing Suffering Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2014-08-06 SES Precision Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2014-08-02 SAT Love Ed Harpin (student)
2014-07-26 SAT Practicing With Pain Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2014-07-19 SAT What Can We Really Count On? Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2014-07-12 SAT Zen Center Reflections Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2014-06-28 SAT Always in the Middle Al Zolynas (teacher)
2014-06-21 SAT 3 Aspects of Practice Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2014-06-14 SES Remorse, Naikan, Atonement (not public) Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2014-06-13 SES Cheerful Perseverance is the Key to Success Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2014-06-07 SAT Work, Practice, and Values: Self-Centered or Life Centered Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2014-05-31 SAT Basic Practice Questions Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2014-05-24 SAT Q&A and 3x3 Guided Meditation Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2014-05-17 SAT Dark Night as a Rite of Passage Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2014-05-10 SAT Paris Reflections Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2014-05-03 SAT The Practice of Staying: Finding Freedom and Connection in Our Difficulties Kate Watson (student)
2014-04-23 SAT Emotions and Reactions Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2014-04-16 SES 3 Point Awareness Meditation Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2014-04-15 SES Point & Path of Awakening Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2014-04-12 SES 3-Point Awareness Meditation Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2014-04-12 SAT Relationship Questions Part 1 Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2014-04-05 SAT Giving Back - As Ana (not public) Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2014-03-29 SAT Anthony de Mello Quote: Unhappiness (not public) Jodi Reed , Punit Auerbacher (student)
2014-03-22 SAT Relationship Questions Part 1 Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2014-03-15 SAT Jaundiced Views, and Infinite Reality Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2014-03-08 SAT Time Enough Al Zolynas (teacher)
2014-03-01 SAT Soyez Zen Revisited Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2014-02-22 SAT Appreciate - Not Squander - This Precious Life Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2014-02-16 SES The Crockpot of Community Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2014-02-15 SES The Most Important Thing Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2014-02-08 SAT Stones, Pebbles and Sand Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2014-02-07 SAT Core Pain and Empathic Communion Guided Meditation Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2014-02-01 SAT From Burnout to Burning Brightly Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2014-01-25 SAT Compassion Ed Harpin (student)
2014-01-18 SAT Working With Change Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2014-01-11 SAT Compassion and Community: The Book Thief Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2014-01-10 SAT How To Face Our Fears Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2013-12-28 SES Song of Meditation Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2013-12-28 SAT Song of Meditation 1 Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2013-12-28 SAT Song of Meditation 2 Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2013-12-28 SAT Song of Meditation 3 Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2013-12-21 SAT Tombstone Territory: Living in the Light Of Dying (Steve Stuky) Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2013-12-14 SAT Practicing With Pain - Part 2 Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2013-12-07 SAT Using Stories in Practice Al Zolynas (teacher)
2013-12-07 SAT Using Stories As Practice Al Zolynas (teacher)
2013-11-23 SAT Working With pain Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2013-11-16 SAT Anger and Value Fulfillment Chuck Sweet (student)
2013-11-09 SAT Wholeness: Laying the Foundation Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2013-11-02 SAT The Big Picture Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2013-10-26 SAT Too Much to Do, Too Little Time Kate Watson (student)
2013-10-13 SES Hara and Anger Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2013-10-12 SES Hara Practice Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2013-10-05 SAT Mudita Transforms Shenpa (or, Empathic Goodwill - Antidote to Stuckness -not public) Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2013-09-28 SAT The Eternal Recurrence Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2013-09-21 SAT Practice Period and Gaps Elizabeth Hamilton, Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2013-09-14 SAT Life's Actual Guarantees Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2013-09-07 SAT When Lightning Strikes Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2013-08-31 SAT Practice and Play Al Zolynas (teacher)
2013-08-24 SAT Brokenness and Wholeness Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2013-08-17 SAT More Sound Bites that Matter Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2013-08-08 SES Empathy Inside Out Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2013-08-07 SES The Song of Meditation Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2013-08-03 SAT Red Flags Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2013-07-27 SAT Just Like Me Al Zolynas (teacher)
2013-07-20 SAT Stand Down, Sit Down Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2013-07-13 SAT Expectation and Aspiration Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2013-07-06 SAT Uncertainty Guaranteed Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2013-06-29 SAT 24/7 Practice Al Zolynas (teacher)
2013-06-22 SAT Making Peace Before It's Too Late Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2013-06-15 SAT Struggle and Allowance Gregg Howard (guest)
2013-06-01 SAT Flowers Fall Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2013-05-25 SAT Humility Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2013-05-18 SAT Helplessness, Responsibilities, Aspiration Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2013-05-11 SAT Second Arrow Worksheet (not public) Al Zolynas (teacher)
2013-05-04 SAT Seeking is not Practice Al Zolynas (teacher)
2013-04-27 SAT Surgical Ward and ER Practice Lessons Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2013-04-23 SAT Emotions and Chronic Reactions on the Path to Awakening Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2013-04-20 SAT Three Waking Exercises from Daily Life Al Zolynas (teacher)
2013-04-13 SAT Sound Bites that Matter Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2013-04-06 SAT Seeing Life - Clearly or Unclearly Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2013-03-28 SES The Experience of Uncertainty Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2013-03-26 SES Resistant Strain Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2013-03-23 SAT Q & A Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2013-03-16 SAT Cancers: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2013-03-09 SAT Practicing with Uncertainty Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2013-03-02 SAT Existential Crossroads, Complacency and Awakening the Heart Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2013-02-23 SAT Practice in a Material World Al Zolynas (teacher)
2013-02-17 SES No One Special to Be Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2013-02-16 SES Appreciate This Precious Life Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2013-02-09 SAT Unwanted Change and Uncertainty Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2013-02-02 SAT Saying Yes to Fear Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2013-01-26 SAT 2 Guided Meditations Relating to WIPITS Questions Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2013-01-19 SAT The Great Turning Toward - Student Talk Chuck Sweet Chuck Sweet (student)
2013-01-12 SAT Resistance Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2013-01-05 SAT untitled (not public) Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2012-12-29 SES Enlightening the Hurt Locker Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2012-12-27 SES Nothing is Wrong Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2012-12-22 SAT Shades of Gray Revisited Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2012-12-15 SAT Generosity of the Open Heart Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2012-12-08 SAT Fundamentally OK, Everything Satisfactual Al Zolynas (teacher)
2012-12-01 SAT What Are You Waiting For Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2012-11-24 SAT Why Don't We Do What's Good for Us? Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2012-11-17 SAT Crossroads Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2012-11-10 SAT Grace and Perseverance Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2012-10-27 SAT WIPPITS 2: A Second Arrow Life Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2012-10-20 SAT Workshop Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2012-10-20 SAT Politics and Practice Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2012-10-06 SAT Practice Period Elizabeth Hamilton, Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2012-09-29 SAT The Three Terrible Oaths of Dorje Trollo Al Zolynas (teacher)
2012-09-22 SAT Elder & Wiser: Reflections of my 70th Birthday Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2012-09-15 SAT Appreciation Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2012-09-08 SAT Tombstone Practice Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2012-09-01 SAT The Bigger Picture Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2012-08-25 SAT Third Arrow (not public) Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2012-08-17 SES Losing Things Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2012-08-15 SES What is Practice? Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2012-08-11 SAT True Happiness Revisited Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2012-08-04 SAT Tent Pegs Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2012-07-28 SAT How do I Choose to Live Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2012-07-21 SAT War: Healing the Ravages Inside and Out Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2012-07-14 SAT Guided Mediation on Letting it Be Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2012-07-07 SAT Self-Directed and Other-Directed in Practice (Jiriki & Tariki) Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2012-06-30 SAT Skeletons at the Feast Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2012-06-23 SAT Indispensables of Waking Up Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2012-06-16 SES Self-Deception Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2012-06-15 SES The Witness: Mirror Awareness Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2012-06-09 SAT Fundamentals of Practice Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2012-06-02 SAT Ordinary Wonders Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2012-05-26 SAT Practicing with Fear Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2012-05-19 SAT Paris and Shadows (not public) Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2012-05-12 SAT A Closer Look at the Practice Principles Al Zolynas (teacher)
2012-05-05 SAT Practicing with Difficulties (not public) Panel (student)
2012-04-28 SAT Q&A Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2012-04-21 SAT Challenges and Empathy for Self and Others Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2012-04-14 SAT Anger Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2012-04-04 SES Reflection in the Mirror of Awareness Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2012-04-03 SES Being a Teacher Elizabeth Hamilton, Ezra Bayda, Al Zolynas (teacher)
2012-03-31 SAT Cravings 2 Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2012-03-24 SAT Cravings 1 Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2012-03-17 SAT Fixing Ourselves Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2012-03-10 SAT Hara Practice Revisited#2 Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2012-03-10 SAT Hara Practice Revisited#1 Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2012-03-10 SAT Hara Practice Revisited#3 Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2012-02-25 SAT Sesshin Practice Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2012-02-19 SES Hara 2: Applications Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2012-02-18 SES Hara Practice#2 Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2012-02-18 SES Hara Practice#3 Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2012-02-18 SES Hara Practice#1 Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2012-02-11 SAT Metamorphosis: Ego, Cocoon, Butterfly Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2012-02-04 SAT Self-Awareness & Resilience in Disheartenment Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2012-02-04 SAT 3 Obstacles to Practice Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2012-01-28 SAT Indispensables of Hospice Hospital Meditation Retreat Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2012-01-21 SAT The Generosity of the Heart Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2012-01-14 SAT Easing Free of Thought to Connect with Life Kate Watson (student)
2012-01-14 SAT Easing Free of Thought to Connect with Life other (student)
2012-01-07 SES Healed in our Suffering (aka Hoover Heart) Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2012-01-07 SAT Healed in Our Suffering Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2011.07-30 SAT Burnout, Attitude, Fatigue & Heart of Compassion Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2011-12-29 SES Groundlessness Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2011-12-27 SES Karmic Tendencies and Waking Up Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2011-12-24 SAT What is Enlightenment? Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2011-12-22 SAT Janus-Faced Masks Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2011-12-17 SAT Compassion: Antidote to Auto-toxic Attitudes Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2011-12-10 SAT What is Awareness? Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2011-12-03 SAT Separating Self, Greater Self: Not Two Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2011-11-19 SAT Dwelling in the Heart of Awareness Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2011-11-19 SAT Dwelling in the Heart of Awareness Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2011-11-12 SAT Strategies of Behavior Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2011-11-05 SAT Refrain, Face, Feel: A Koan of Conditioning & Identity Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2011-10-29 SAT Opening the Heart of Awareness Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2011-10-22 SAT Potato Salad Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2011-10-15 SAT The Natural Order of Mind Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2011-10-08 SAT Patience and Equanimity Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2011-10-08 SAT 1 Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2011-10-01 SAT Awakening Through Sitting Workshop Al Zolynas (student)
2011-10-01 SAT Practice Period Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2011-09-24 SAT How Do We Know Practice is Working? Al Zolynas (student)
2011-09-24 SAT How do we know that Practice is Working other (guest)
2011-09-17 SAT untitled (not public) Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2011-09-10 SAT Shades of Gray, Part 2 Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2011-09-03 SAT Entitlements and Core Pain - an Unholy Alliance Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2011-09-03 SAT Entitlements & Core Pain. An Unholy Aliance Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2011-08-27 SAT Shades of Gray, Part 1 Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2011-08-20 SAT Gradual Enlightening Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2011-08-20 SAT Gradual Enlightening (Loosing)Things) Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2011-08-11 SAT Strategies Based in Fear Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2011-08-06 SAT Q & A Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2011-07-30 SAT Burnout, Attitude, Fatigue and the Heart of Compassion Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2011-07-23 SAT On Being a Teacher Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2011-07-16 SAT Transforming Disheartenment Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2011-07-09 SAT Revisiting Genuine Happiness Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2011-07-02 SAT Joko Memorial Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2011-06-18 SES Practicing at the Edge of Living and Dying (not public) Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2011-06-17 SES Let it Be Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2011-06-11 SAT Deep Listening, First Steps (not public) Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2011-06-04 SAT Humphrey Bogart on Practice Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2011-05-28 SAT Needs, Neediness, and True Needs Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2011-05-21 SAT Three Pitfalls: Traps or Detours Along the Practice Path Al Zolynas (student)
2011-05-14 SAT Getting out of the Way Chuck Sweet (student)
2011-05-07 SAT Basic Questions Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2011-04-30 SAT Living as Ego - Living as if Awake Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2011-04-20 SES Unconditioned Love & Practice Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2011-04-19 SES What is the Path? Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2011-04-09 SAT The Red Hot Ball Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2011-04-02 SAT Three Detours Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2011-03-26 SAT Shared Pain. Compassionate Heart Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2011-03-12 SAT Living as if Awake Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2011-03-05 SAT Freeway of Practice Revisited Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2011-02-26 SAT You Get Good at What You Practice Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2011-02-20 SES Revisiting Fear Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2011-02-19 SES Illuminating the Shadows and Light Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2011-02-12 SAT Concluding Talk on Happiness Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2011-02-05 SAT Kindness and Goodwill Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2011-01-29 SAT Gratitude and Happiness Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2011-01-15 SAT Not Hammer Strokes, but Dance of Water Kate Watson (student)
2011-01-08 SAT Emotional Freedom and True Happiness Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2011-01-07 SAT Karmic Tendencies & Waking Up Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2010-12-28 SES Forgiveness and Happiness Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2010-12-27 SES Trinities of Awareness Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2010-12-11 SAT Happiness: Generosity of the Heart Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2010-12-04 SAT Awakening Heartmind Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2010-11-27 SAT Happiness: Relationships 2 Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2010-11-20 SAT A Koan: What am I? I am This Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2010-10-30 SES Happiness: Emotional Freedom Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2010-10-29 SES Satisfaction Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2010-10-29 SES Satisfaction Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2010-10-23 SAT Suffering, Sorrow and Compassion Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2010-10-16 SAT Transforming the Energy of Anger - Workshop part 1 Ezra Bayda & Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2010-10-16 SAT Transforming the Energy of Anger - Workshop part 2 Ezra Bayda & Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2010-10-16 SAT Happiness - Giving at Work Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2010-10-10 SAT Loving Kindness Workshop Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2010-10-10 SAT Loving Kindness Guided Meditation Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2010-10-09 SAT Commitment: Identity to Community Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2010-10-02 SAT Happiness: Giving From the Heart Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2010-09-25 SAT Needs, Wants, and Aspiration Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2010-09-18 SAT Can I Surrender to What Is? Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2010-09-04 SAT Doubt, Uncertainty, and True Values Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2010-08-28 SAT Happiness - Caught in Emotions Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2010-08-21 SAT Commitment & Priorities: Practice Period, Commitment Training Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2010-08-12 SAT Forgiveness: Transforming Hard Mind to Heartmind (not public) Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2010-08-07 SAT Strategies Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2010-07-31 SAT Commitment &Self: A Continuum Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2010-07-17 SAT Talk the Talk Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2010-07-10 SAT Truly Happy - continued Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2010-07-03 SAT Essentials of Liberation: What Am I Leaving Out? Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2010-06-26 SAT Happiness: 3 Questions Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2010-06-19 SAT Bearing Witness: Recognizing, Refraining, and Returning Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2010-06-12 SES Recognizing, Refraining & Returning Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2010-06-11 SES Am I Truly Happy? 3 Practice Questions Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2010-06-05 SAT What Blocks Happiness? Caught in our Thoughts Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2010-05-29 SAT Transforming the Fatigued Attitude Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2010-05-22 SAT Happiness Part 3: Entitlements Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2010-05-15 SAT Practicing with Difficulties Panel (student)
2010-05-08 SAT The Two Wolves Chuck Sweet (student)
2010-05-01 SAT Catastrophizing Consciously Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2010-04-24 SAT Happiness - Part 2 Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2010-04-17 SAT Conversation as Practitioners Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2010-04-10 SAT Happiness - part 1 Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2010-03-31 SAT Finding Deliverance in Disturbances Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2010-03-30 SAT 3 Phases of Practice Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2010-03-27 SAT Practicing with Difficulties Panel (student)
2010-03-20 SAT Zendo Forms - Part 2 Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2010-03-13 SAT The 4-H Club of Zen Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2010-03-06 SAT A Long Walk Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2010-02-27 SAT Serving & Satyagraha Inside & Out (Rosa Parks) Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2010-02-20 SAT Zendo Forms Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2010-02-16 SAT Interconnectedness, Concepts, & How-To Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2010-02-14 SES Being Burdened Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2010-02-13 SES Why "Just Being" is Such a Challenge Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2010-01-30 SAT 3 Questions Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2010-01-23 SAT Impermanence & Uncertainty as the Path Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2010-01-16 SAT Seamless, Unbroken, Ever Present Awareness Just As It Is Al Zolynas (student)
2010-01-09 SAT Practice Fundamentals Revisited Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2010-01-02 SAT New Year's Reflections Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2009-12-28 SES Trojan Horses Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2009-12-19 SAT Forgiveness Practice: part 2 Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2009-12-12 SAT Empathic Goodwill Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2009-12-05 SAT Forgiveness Practice Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2009-11-28 SAT Achilles Heel - part 1 Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2009-11-21 SAT What Kind of Zen is This? Part 2 Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2009-11-14 SAT A Well Rounded Practice: Discipline, Clear Seeing, & Mercy Kate Watson (student)
2009-11-07 SAT What Kind of Zen is This? Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2009-10-24 SAT Who Am I? Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2009-10-10 SAT Loving Kindness Workshop Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2009-10-10 SAT Loving Kindness Guided Meditation Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2009-10-10 SAT Importance of Loving Kindness Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2009-10-10 SAT Loving Kindness Meditation Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2009-10-03 SAT Practice Period: What Seeds Are You Watering? Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2009-09-26 SAT Practice Perversions - part 3 Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2009-09-19 SAT Anger, Precepts & Practice Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2009-09-12 SAT Practice Perversions - part 2 (Especially Anger) Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2009-09-05 SAT Appreciating Thich Nhat Hanh Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2009-08-29 SAT Practice Perversions Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2009-08-22 SAT History of Zen Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2009-08-14 SES Being Present Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2009-08-12 SES Magnets & Filings Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2009-08-09 SAT Mind Mapping Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2009-08-08 SAT Fatigue, Compassion and the Open Heart Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2009-08-01 SAT Moving Toward Fear Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2009-07-26 ZCLA Practicing Relationships: Ezra & Elizabeth at ZCLA Elizabeth Hamilton, Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2009-07-25 SAT Antitoxins & Antidotes Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2009-07-17 SAT Cancer as the Path to Awakening Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2009-07-11 SAT Examining Our Practice Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2009-07-04 SAT What Are You Watering? Recognizing, Returning & Refraining Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2009-06-27 SAT Fundamentals - part 1 Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2009-06-20 SES Compassion, Remorse, & Reconciliation-In Meditation Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2009-06-19 SES Attachment & Identity Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2009-06-13 SAT Mixed Motives: Shadows and Light Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2009-06-06 SAT Teaching Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2009-05-30 SAT Recognizing, Refraining, & Returning Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2009-05-23 SAT Practicing with Pleasure Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2009-05-16 SAT And. Chuck Sweet (student)
2009-05-09 SAT Zen Practicing & Poetry Writing Al Zolynas (student)
2009-05-02 SAT Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2009-04-25 SAT Practicing with Money Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2009-04-08 SES Recognizing, Refraining, Returning, Remorse, & Reconciliation Practice Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2009-04-07 SES Attachment & Precision Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2009-04-03 SAT What is This? Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2009-03-28 SAT Which Self? Where? Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2009-03-21 SAT More on Relationships Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2009-03-07 SAT Relationships Part #2 Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2009-02-28 SAT Qualities of Awakening; Generosity & Service Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2009-02-21 SAT Love & Relationships Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2009-02-15 SES The Second Arrow Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2009-02-14 SES Reflect without Thinking Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2009-02-07 SAT Sounds and Silence (Chanting Part 2) Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2009-01-31 SAT Music, Ritual Chanting, Being Open to Change Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2009-01-24 SAT Gossip and Grievances on the Path to Awakening Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2009-01-17 SAT Going Deeper Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2009-01-10 SAT Practice and Persistence Fred Conway (student)
2009-01-03 SAT Commitment and Renewal Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2008-12-28 SES 2008, Thin Ice, Loving Kindness Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2008-12-27 SES Keeping Quiet Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2008-12-27 SES Commitment II: Practice Commitment Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2008-12-20 SAT Being a Student (revisited) Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2008-12-06 SAT Being a Student Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2008-11-08 SAT Detours Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2008-11-01 SAT Seeds of Discontent: Which seeds are you watering? Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2008-10-25 SAT Breath, Body and Being; Encounter with the mind of fear Chuck Sweet (student)
2008-10-18 SAT Practice with Politics Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2008-10-15 SAT Hunger and Thirst Reading Al Zolynas, June Cressy (student)
2008-09-27 SAT The Bermuda Triangle of Oblivion Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2008-09-20 SAT On Happiness Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2008-09-13 SAT Sleeper Cells Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2008-09-06 SAT Practice Period Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2008-08-30 SAT Relationship Difficulties: One Breath at a Time Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2008-08-23 SAT Relationships Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2008-08-14 SES Illuminating the Blame Game Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2008-08-13 SES What Is Practice? Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2008-08-09 SAT Mind Mapping: Using the Mind to Clarify Thinking Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2008-08-02 SAT Panel with Kate, Chuck & Craig Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2008-07-26 SAT Basic Questions Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2008-07-19 SAT Cancer as the Path to Awakening Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2008-07-12 SAT The 3 Phases of Practice Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2008-07-05 SAT Healing Into Impermanence Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2008-06-28 SAT Attachment Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2008-06-21 SES 3 Delusions Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2008-06-20 SES Let It Be Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2008-06-14 SAT Staying in Learning Mode Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2008-06-07 SAT Gratitude Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2008-05-31 SAT Breathing: the Head, the Heart & the Hara Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2008-05-24 SAT Doubt and Surrender Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2008-05-17 SAT Reactions Revisited Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2008-05-10 SAT Not Knowing Kate Watson (student)
2008-05-03 SAT Mind Mapping Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2008-04-26 SAT WIPITS - Revisiting an Upset Exercise Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2008-04-19 SAT Mystery of Knowing and Not Knowing Al Zolynas (student)
2008-04-12 SAT Seeking Approval Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2008-04-05 SAT Changing Brains, Transforming Heartmind Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2008-03-29 SES Open Daisan Elizabeth Hamilton, Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2008-03-27 SES Detours Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2008-03-26 SES The Body's Energy Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2008-03-22 SAT Confusion Revisited Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2008-03-15 SAT Tuning Up the Sensing Instrument Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2008-03-08 SAT More on Fear: Commentary on the Film 'Protagonist' Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2008-03-01 SAT Seeds and Dimensions: A Blueprint Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2008-02-23 SAT Fear Q and A Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2008-02-17 SES The Seeds of Heartmind Pt. 1 Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2008-02-16 SES Curiosity - Saying Yes Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2008-02-09 SAT Fear Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2008-02-02 SAT Five Dimensions of Heartmind Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2008-01-26 SAT Three Phases of Practice Revisited Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2008-01-12 SAT Practicing Presence Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2008-01-05 SAT Basic Practice Questions Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2007-12-30 SES Open Daisan Elizabeth Hamilton, Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2007-12-28 SES Perseverance in the Key Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2007-12-22 SAT Elizabeth on Stephen and Ondrea Levine Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2007-12-15 SAT Reflections on Teaching Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2007-12-08 SAT Mindful Change Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2007-12-01 SAT Karma and the Path Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2007-11-17 SAT Emotions as Smoke Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2007-11-10 SAT Anger Revisited Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2007-11-03 SAT Amazing Grace Chuck Sweet (student)
2007-10-06 SAT Illusions We Live From Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2007-09-29 SAT Anger as Practice Pt 1 Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2007-09-22 SAT Alarm Clocks Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2007-09-15 SAT Practice Period Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2007-09-08 SAT Practice: Three Essential Phases Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2007-09-01 SAT Remembering Mother Theresa Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2007-08-24 SES Sesshin Practice Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2007-08-22 SES Choreographing Butterflies: Procedures and the Path Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2007-08-18 SAT Basic Practice Questions Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2007-08-11 SAT Analyzing as a Detour Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2007-08-04 SAT Healed in Our Difficulties Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2007-08-04 SAT Surviving the Holocaust Inge Auerbacher (guest)
2007-07-28 SAT Reflections on the Center Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2007-07-21 SAT Illuminating the Shadows Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2007-07-14 SAT Practice Basics Revisited Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2007-07-07 SAT The Secret of Zen Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2007-06-30 SAT Basics of Sitting Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2007-06-23 SES Remorse and Reconciliation Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2007-06-22 SES Nothing to Do, Nowhere to Go, No One to Be Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2007-06-16 SAT Reconciliation and Atonement Pt 2: Specifics Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2007-06-09 SAT Confusion Revisited Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2007-06-02 SAT Atonement and Reconciliation: An Introduction Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2007-05-26 SAT Trip to Auschwitz Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2007-05-19 SAT Auschwitz: My Name is Sofia Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2007-05-12 SAT Practicing with Everyday Disappointments Kate Watson (student)
2007-05-05 SAT Affectionate Awareness Al Zolynas (student)
2007-04-28 SAT What is Zen? Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2007-04-14 SAT Fear and Practicing with It Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2007-04-07 SES Open Daisan Elizabeth Hamilton, Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2007-04-06 SES Loving Kindness Guided Meditation Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2007-04-04 SES Holidays, Holy Days and Wholeness Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2007-03-31 SAT Memorial for Soen Kakagawa Roshi Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2007-03-24 SAT Practicing with Relationship Difficulties Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2007-03-10 SAT The Unexpected Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2007-03-03 SAT Working with Anger Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2007-02-24 SAT One Week to Live Revisited Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2007-02-18 SES One Week to Live2 Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2007-02-17 SES Let It Be Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2007-02-10 SAT Three Phases in Practice Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2007-02-03 SAT Emptiness and Running On Empty Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2007-01-27 SAT Forgiveness Revisited Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2007-01-13 SAT Practicing Waking Up Panel (student)
2007-01-06 SAT Levels of Understanding Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2007-01-06 SAT Uknown Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2006-12-30 SES Your Last Daisan Question (open) Elizabeth Hamilton, Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2006-12-29 SES Five Basic Fears Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2006-12-27 SES Awareness Sandwich Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2006-12-23 SAT Tradition - or What's Most Important? Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2006-12-16 SAT Approval Seeking (part ii) Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2006-12-09 SAT Communication and Compassion Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2006-12-02 SAT Five Questions (again) Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2006-11-25 SAT Thankfulness Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2006-11-18 SAT Camera Lens of Awareness Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2006-11-04 SAT Living Awake Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2006-10-28 SAT Needs, Wants & Practice Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2006-10-22 SES Seeds of Awareness Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2006-10-21 SES Just Be Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2006-10-14 SAT Separation and Connection Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2006-10-04 SAT untitled (not public) Joan Sugihara, Aman Keays (student)
2006-09-30 SAT Student Panel (not public) Al Zolynas, Chuck Sweet (student)
2006-09-09 SAT Cocoon of Fear Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2006-08-29 SAT Practice Period Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2006-08-18 SAT More On Awareness Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2006-08-15 SES Lenses of Awareness Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2006-08-12 SAT Inner Transformation Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2006-07-29 SAT Practice Period Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2006-07-15 SAT Working with Anger Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2006-06-24 SES No Turning Back Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2006-06-17 SAT Approval Seeking as a Barrier to Love Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2006-06-03 SAT The Things We Fear Most Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2006-05-14 SES Cultivating Mercy Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2006-05-06 SAT The Essential Questions, Part 2 Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2006-04-14 SES The Essential Questions Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2006-03-25 SAT Practicing with Pain Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2006-03-11 SAT Practice and Paradox Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2006-02-18 SES Perseverance, Willingness and Mercy Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2006-02-11 SAT Me Stuff and Being-Awareness, Part 2 Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2006-01-21 SAT Concepts and Actions in Practice Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2005-12-30 SAT Bottom Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2005-12-27 SES Me Stuff and Being-Awareness Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2005-12-24 SAT Real Questions Can Help Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2005-12-03 SAT Q and A on Saying Yes Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2005-11-19 SAT Eat Now Digest Later Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2005-11-12 SAT Three Essential Qualities Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2005-10-28 SAT Saying Yes to Life - Public Talk Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2005-10-15 SAT The Illusions We Live Out of Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2005-10-1 SAT The Fruits of Practice (Al Zolynas) Al Zolynas (student)
2005-09-17 SAT Foundations of Zen Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2005-09-10 SAT Saying Yes to Life Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2005-08-20 SAT The Face of God Revisited Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2005-08-12 SES (How) to See the Face of God Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2005-07-23 SAT The Five Pillars of Zen Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2005-07-02 SAT What Is Practice Period 2005? Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2005-06-21 SES Psychology of Lying Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2005-06-04 SAT The False Promise Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2005-05-15 SES Nothing's Wrong - Just Be Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2005-04-30 SAT Most Helpful Techniques Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2005-04-09 SAT The Myth of Fixing Ourselves Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2005-03-24 SES Four Steps to Love Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2005-03-19 SAT Is Practice Hard? Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2005-03-05 SAT Let It Be Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2005-02-19 SES Laziness and Intention Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2005-01-29 SAT The Three Duties of the Path Gregg Howard (guest)
2005-01-22 SAT Saying Yes; Intentional Suffering Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2004-12-27 SES The Three Breaths Practice, Part 2 Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2004-12-11 SAT Basic Questions, Part 2 Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2004-12-04 SAT Ordinary Mind Teachers Panel Panel: Elizabeth, Ezra, Elihu, Barry, Larry, Anna (teacher)
2004-11-27 SAT Do the Right Thing Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2004-11-12 SES Basic Sitting Instructions Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2004-10-16 SAT Practicing with Politics Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2004-10-09 SES What Is Meditation? Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2004-09-11 SAT The Three Breaths Practice Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2004-08-19 SES Freedom from Fear Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2004-08-17 SES The Silence Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2004-08-07 SAT The Bigger Picture Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2004-07-17 SAT Student Teacher Relationship, Part 2 Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2004-06-22 SES Detours in Practice Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2004-06-19 SAT Basic Practice Questions Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2004-05-14 SES Two Streams in Practice Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2004-05-01 SAT The Cocoon of Fear Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2004-04-08 SES Forgiveness Practice Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2004-04-03 SAT Is This All There Is? Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2004-03-20 SAT What Is Practice in This Moment? Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2004-02-21 SAT Saying Yes to Difficulties Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2004-01-31 SAT Honesty (Gregg Howard) Gregg Howard (guest)
2004-01-24 SAT The Razors Edge Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)
2004-01-03 SAT Working with Emotional Pain Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2003-12-27 SES The Great Escapes Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2003-11-08 SES Cheerful Perseverance Is the Key to Success Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2003-11-01 SAT What Is the Essence of Practice? Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2003-10-11 SES Transforming the Energy of Anger Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2003-10-04 SAT Three Helpful Daily Life Practices Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2003-09-13 SAT The Aspiration to Be Free Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2003-09-07 SAT At Home in the Muddy Water Ezra Bayda (teacher)
2003-08-21 SES Appreciate This Precious Life Ezra Bayda (teacher)
18-08-18 SAT Practical Aspects of Meditation Elizabeth Hamilton (teacher)